The Updo System Champion Course   Info Page

How would it feel to approach every
special event guest 
with confidence and excitement? 

So why did I developed the
Updo System Champion Course and how is it unique?

I was driven by: 

  • the need to serve more clients and make more money
  • to offer an amazing guest experience by keeping her engaged and calm 
  • making my work stand out so I got lots of referrals

No one was talking about:  

  • the entirety of the guest experience
  • the reality of difficult clients and difficult hair
  • ​the reality that good stylists burn out and young ones get scared away from work they love

I personally desired:

  • a way to do amazingly creative work quickly and beautifully!
  • to create a safety net that empowers YOU, the stylist
  • ​that every stylist believes they have as much potential as those they "follow" because you do!

This is the only all encompassing updo curriculum that addresses 
the full spectrum of this highly specialized service!

It covers:

  • New ways to learn the "why" of creativity vs "Am I doing this right?
  • ​How to break down any photo while embracing the guests subconscious emotional connection to it. 
  • ​It is the only course that addresses the mental and emotional gymnastics stylists must navigate as the guest unknowingly brings profound hopes, plus much anxiety into the appointment !

The Updo System Champion Course is the only one to cover it all!

Who is Gretchen Maurer?

Back in the day of the very first .com websites, 1998 to be exact, Gretchen revolutionized the wedding hair sector by creating For a decade Gretchen sold thousands of step by step hairstyling kits to stylists and brides around the world. With 10,000 unique visitors a day, back when people did not even own home printers or digital cameras Gretchen was providing digital assets. Her website was awarded the #1 beauty website by Brides magazine in 2002.

A salon owner at 29, teaching updos along the east coast and doing platform for Paul Joseph Digrigoli she saw a huge need and sought to write the very first wedding focused business book for the salon industry. Milady publishing picked it up and The Business of Bridal Beauty came out in 1996. She was also one of the early stylists to have bridal hairstyling cds for sale on 

Then, just as she was at the height of her freelance career, she and her husband changed course! They left their careers to volunteer on a self sustaining farm (a residential rehab facility) for 7 years. Her husband became the director of counseling and Gretchen began to work with the women's counseling team as a mentored for #metoo survivors. She grew to understand the power of empathy, the profound hard journey of those in recovery, and transformed her own life in the process. 

In 2016 she became certified as a Clarity Coach and with her husband they opened a mental health practice

In 2017 she returned to the beauty industry on-line and today she runs the largest Facebook Group exclusively devoted to special event stylists, Updo and Hairstyle Education page and group! 

What if?

...there was one system that addressed all of your updo issues

  • I'm not sure where to start, I watch a video and forget it right away.
  • ​I'm in a creative rut and keep doing the same styles. I'm BORED and frustrated! 
  • ​​​I will be going along fine and then about half way through I get lost in the hairstyle and panic with brain fog! 
  • ​I don't feel confident. I wish there was an easier step by step way to improve! 
  • ​I worry she won't like it once I'm done. 
  • ​I don't know how to break down a photo properly. I feel like I just wing it! Stress!
  • ​Ugh! The client... is there a better way to easily find out what she really wants? Or tell her hair hair won't do that picture?

Can it be true? Yes! 
Discover these three compelling secrets...

 ...for integrating the simple yet powerful new brain science into your consultations, so connection is made  quickly and you win her emotionally before you even touch her hair!

 ...for shifting to a simplified construction process designed to reduce anxiety and eliminate brain freeze! Always know where to start ~ and finish with confidence! 

 ...for freeing you up mentally, emotionally and creatively, while meeting the guests needs and ensuring
her an experience designed
for referrals!

There are systems for cutting, systems for perming, and business systems, right?

The Updo System Champion Course 

allows you to ....finally, experience anxiety free creation and produce your looks with a level of creativity you did not know was in YOU!

Are you a student 
or still new to updos? 

"Will this be too hard or advanced for me?" 

"I'm experienced but bored! Any tips?"

"How will this take my work to the next level? I am so tired of the same photos!" 

"I still struggle with brain freeze and nerves!"

How will this Information help me? 

Now more than ever, the guest experience is everything! 

Sneak Peek Inside the Modules

How would it feel to work one morning a week and make a weeks pay?

~Deepen client retention
~Why standing out is the new currency
~Investing in you is investing in them

What if I could teach you who is open to try something new and who is not.

~The art of the consultation
~Breaking down the photo
~Personality types and reading your guest = $$$

Learn simple tricks that put you in control of the appointment. 

~How to ask diverting questions and why
~The power of positive possibilities
~Wedding Morning Success controlling the morning

How do you best learn? There are video, PDFs and drawings. 

~Real time learning full of step by step teaching.
~Curling iron tips, how to make waves, pin curls, teasing tips, how to make poufs, add volume and more

Would you like an easy way to have cleaner looks and use less bobby pins?  

~Tricks for using less pins, prepping, products, what pins to use where 
~Yes...We love our BoHo looks 9 tutorial inside plus many, many others!
~The course comes with access to a hidden VIP Facebook group with new updated videos regularly! 
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